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Write for us.We’re always looking for interesting new features and stories…

We're constantly on the lookout for writers with a distinct and quirky outlook on life.

We’re constantly on the lookout for writers with a distinct and quirky outlook on life.

Our content comes from all manner of sources; in fact we’ll look anywhere to find, quirky, engaging, or interesting features. Have you got something to share? You might be a full time writer or just someone with a story to tell. We accept factual or fiction, but are especially interested in first hand accounts of true stories as well as submissions for our regular features …oh and remember, it must be positive and uplifting!

The easiest route to getting work published in Brightideas365 is via our Writing Challenges, details of which can be found here. These offer prizes for works as voted for by subscribers. 

Please note that we do not pay for news items, features on organisations or businesses, or certain other categories. This is because these items promote a cause or organisation, and these then benefit from the publicity. If you have a positive news story you’d like to share then you can do that here. You can submit a feature on your organisation (or anything else) here.

Before proposing as yet unwritten features, it is as well to contact us in order to find out if we will accept it and under what terms. You can submit a synopsis of your proposed submission (along with examples of previous work and or references) to proposals@brightideas365.com.


Our editorial policy is summed up by our tagline ‘…and now the good news!’ Meaning that all material that we publish is positive and uplifting in tone and nature. The aim of Brightideas365 is to provide an alternative to the often rather depressing mainstream news media.

Brightideas365 is a subject based magazine, and strives to offer an entertaining mix of uplifting and positive news and features for everyone. We do not exclude from, or aim our content at, any social group, gender or lifestyle. Our material is presented in such a way that it should have universal appeal, no matter how specialised the subject. For example if we do a feature on the Volkswagen Beetle, we write it in such a way that it will appeal to anyone who is interested, whether it be a 25 year old hardcore ‘petrol head’, or a 65 year old with a nostalgic interest.

Quantifying what is a ‘positive’ feature can be difficult, but generally this means avoiding controversial subjects, social issues, and conflicts, and focusing on personalities and specific subjects. Examples might include, Mary Seacole, the influence of Shakespeare, London Underground, Stonehenge, cottage gardens, Save the Children, etc.

All original submissions that comply with our editorial policy and are of sufficient quality have an equal chance of publication, and there is no upper limit for news items or press releases that we can carry (features are limited by website capacity and our total budget).

There are, of course, some specific conditions and guidelines:

(1) When submitting material, please bear in mind that Brightideas365 is apolitical and does not court controversy. We are a safe space, a place where people can share their interests and stories without fear of criticism or negativity. We do not attack any group or individual. We do not advocate or condemn any lifestyle or group within society. We do not advocate any political party or view point, equally, we do not seek to criticise the same.

(2) Please make sure that facts contained your submissions are verifiably true from independent sources. In this age of ‘fake news’ it is important to us that everything we publish is fair and truthful.

(3) Please do not submit ‘hard news’. This is better placed with the traditional news media. We publish lighter and more uplifting news and features.

(4) Please bear in mind that we avoid duplicating news carried in the traditional national news media. Where a news item or feature relates to matters that are covered by these, it must have a truly unique perspective.

(5) All submissions must be the copyright property of the person submitting it, or must include written permission from the copyright owner. Material found to be submitted without the copyright owners consent will be refused and the copyright holder informed. Those knowingly submitting such material will be excluded from submitting content in future.

News and features aiming to publicise qualifying organisations or events will normally be published wherever possible, subject to the above criteria. Where an author is seeking payment for a feature, it is best to contact us first, as our budgets is finite, and paid for features tend to be commissioned in advance.

Where a submission is date sensitive, seasonal, to mark an anniversary or event, or the writer wishes it to be published during a specific month; this must be submitted at least 56 days prior to the wished for date of publication. In this case we will do our best to make sure it is published on the requested date. For various reasons this cannot be guaranteed, but we will always used our best endeavours to achieve it.

Much as we would like to, we cannot guarantee publication of all material received, even if it does fulfil the usual criteria. We are a small team, and sometimes physical restrictions will dictate what we are able to include.


We are an English language publication and all submissions should be in English. We expect written submissions to be easily readable as it is important that our subscribers are able to fully appreciate what they read. We can often help where amendments are felt to be necessary for publication.

In order that content is accessible by all members of the community, Brightideas365 is committed to the use of standard English language and grammar as taught in UK schools. For this reason, only work using this will normally be published in Brightideas365. This does not exclude the use of slang words and expressions in common usage, but does mean that works making extensive use of text speak for example will not normally be published (except where it is used as a direct quotation).

No original material containing offensive language, racial or gender slurs, or similar material likely to cause offence will be published.

Where an existing work is published (as part of our classic ebook section for example), original text is used wherever possible and the language and attitudes will reflect the time in which they were written. These works are available with this understanding, as it helps to understand attitudes and views of a time, and contextualise the work, even if they would not be published if submitted to us today.

Works published do not reflect the views or opinions of Bright Ideas 365 Ltd, it’s agents, or employees. The editors decision in all matters of content is final.


Details of our current requirements can be found here. Details of payment rates where applicable can be found here. Further information on our policies can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section here.

For further information please contact us