What is Brightideas365?

Brightideas365.com is the new online magazine dedicated to providing positive news and features to the people of the UK. There are many important (and often rather depressing) issues featured in the news media nowadays, but these seem to have squeezed out the positive stories of all the good things that are going on. Brightideas365 seeks to redress the balance a little. We aim to bring you the stories that make you smile and show it’s not such a bad old World after all…

Brightideas365 is also a forum for people to share their own positive stories with each other. Whether it be a factual feature on something they love, a short story, a poem, a biography of a notable person in their community, anything as long as it is uplifting. You can share your story here.

We’re also committed to raising funds for schools, charities, churches, and community groups across the UK and beyond, and for this reason all of our profits go to them. Not only that but subscribers get to decide which cause their subscription will support. No dividends are paid to our shareholders, all profits go to the causes we support.

Brightideas365 carries a mixture of features, ebooks, brain teasers, prize draws, what’s ons, etc, with more added every day. What’s more, subscribing for just £2 a week can actually make you better off, as we also have £1,000’s of discount vouchers and offers on all sorts of products and services. 

In short Brightideas365 has 3 simple aims:

  • To Cheer up the UK – with positive news and stories, prize draws, puzzles and games, etc.
  • To Help charities rebuild their finances – by donating all our profits to them.
  • To Help British small businesses back onto their feet  – By promoting their products and offers for free.

A Brightideas365.com subscription is not a donation. This is the purchase of a product, like a newspaper or a box of cornflakes. We are a limited company like any other, the difference is just where the money goes!

You can subscribe here, or take free trial here.

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How do you support good causes and communities.

When you buy a national lottery ticket for £2, just 46p* goes to good causes, and someone else chooses which ones.

When you spend £2 on a weeks Brightideas365.com subscription we give 76p plus all of the profits made on your account to the cause you choose. Camelot made £71 million for shareholders in 2017/18**, we do not pay dividends to shareholders. In other words, everything other than running costs goes to the causes our subscribers choose.

If you spend £2 on a coffee in a high street coffee shop or on a lottery ticket, you get an (admittedly delicious) coffee, or a minute chance of winning an (admittedly fabulous) prize. £2 on a Brightideas365 subscription however, get’s you positive news stories from the UK and abroad, entry into 30+ prize draws, £1,000’s of money saving vouchers, features, classic ebooks, brain teasers, and much more.

2019/20 figures published by the Gambling Commission.
** Figures published by the
Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee.

Can I take a look before I subscribe?

Yes. You can try out Brightideas365 for four weeks for free, and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. You don’t need to enter card information and are under no obigation to take up a full subscription.

We think it’s only fair to let people take a look around first and decide they like us before paying anything. You can take your free trial here, or a full subscription here. We also have 12 month advance subscription packages that generate even more for your chosen cause, and save you money.

You will be asked to name your beneficiary cause when you subscribe. This can be a school, charity, church, community group, or almost any not-for-profit organisation that benefits the community. A full list of the types of organisation that are eligible can be found here.

If you’d like take a sneak preview before taking your free trial you can take a look here.

Why are you asking me to tell my friends about you?

One thing the big lotteries and coffee shop chains do have, is massive advertising budgets. We do not.

That is why we are asking you to share this page (click on a button below). This way we hope to harness ‘people power’ to raise money for good causes, not big advertising agencies (they’re already loaded!) or private individuals.

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How can my charity, school, church, or community group benefit?

Every subscriber has to enter the name of a beneficiary, when they subscribe. This can be any not for profit organisation  (charity, school, community project, etc.). This organisation will then get 50% of the income from that subscription every month, plus ALL profits from that subscription at the end of each year.

If your organisation is named by the subscriber, then it will receive this as a donation at regular intervals (normally monthly or when a minimum threshold of £30 is reached).

Organisations can also request a unique beneficiary code. This can be shared with supporters who can use this when subscribing, speeding the process of payment, and also entitling that organisation to quarterly statements, and entry into prize draws, etc. See here for a list of eligible organisations.

See Raise Funds for more information.

Are there opprtunties for writers and journalists?

Whilst much of the material we publish is shared by our subscribers (in our ‘News’ and ‘Shared Stories’ areas), we do also at times have a need for staff writers. So if you are a writer (new or established), with a story to tell, then let us know. 

Further information can be found here.

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