Take a stall in one of our online speciality markets for free

Take a stall in one of our online speciality markets for free.

Yes, that’s right, with a stall in one of our online speciality markets you can reach potential customers all over the UK online for free. What’s more all transactions go through your own site, so there are no fees or commission to pay. You can also promote your bricks and mortar store(s), or use discounts and offers to drive sales and allow you to monitor traffic.

All we ask is that your business fits into one of our speciality shopping categories (listed below).

We have no less that five speciality ‘markets’ within Brightideas365.com. These are:

The Craft Fair – The place to sell handicrafts and craft supplies of all kinds.
The Fine Food Fayre – The place to sell specialist and artisan food and drink.
The Antiques Market – The place to sell antiques and collectables of all kinds.
The Speciality Shopping Arcade – The place for specialist suppliers of all kinds*.
The Art Gallery – The place to sell all manner of artworks.

All payments for goods are made directly through your own website. There are no set up fees, transaction charges or commissions to pay to us, so what’ve you got to lose?

You can see an example of how your shop, stall, or gallery might look, and set one up by clicking on the appropriate button below.

Setting up your shop, stall, or gallery, takes just a few minutes, and subject to approval, it can be up and running within a couple of days. Once set up, you can manage it via the ‘Brightideas365 for Business‘ button on the Brightideas365 homepage.  Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Our online markets will be fully open soon, but shop, stall, and gallery numbers will be strictly limited, so we advise getting yours as soon as possible.

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*Exceptions apply. Please see here for more details.