Famously associated with Liverpool, Scouse reflects influences from across the World found in this global port city.

A delicious meal.


A curry flavoured beef casserole with a creamy egg topping from South Africa.

Curry and rice.


This lightly spiced Punjabi dish is ideal for those that enjoy milder curries.

Chocolate mousse.

Chocolate mousse

Few recipes can be as delicious yet so easy to make. If making this with the kids, remember they’ll need supervision while heating the chocolate.

Cornish pasty lunch.

Traditional Cornish pasty

The pasty is a much loved traditional warming treat. We don’t recommend eating them all the time, but they can make a warming occasional lunch, or cold on the go snack. Strictly speaking the only people that can make a Cornish pasty are people actually located in the county, as the name has protected status, however using this recipe you can make yourself a perfectly acceptable Yorkshire, Aberdeenshire, Flintshire, or County Down pasty!

Sausage rolls,

Sausage rolls

Looking for a warming snack for winter nights, or a tasty cold treat for picnics? Well the sausage roll might not be the healthiest snack around (we advise them as an occasional treat only), but it’s certainly versatile …and tasty!

Mince pies.

Traditional mince pies

What could be more Christmassy than a traditional mince pie. Having said that they are so lovely hot or cold that there is no reason not to make or eat them at any time of year!