Famously associated with Liverpool, Scouse reflects influences from across the World found in this global port city.

A delicious meal.


A curry flavoured beef casserole with a creamy egg topping from South Africa.

Curry and rice.


This lightly spiced Punjabi dish is ideal for those that enjoy milder curries.

Tray bake.

Onion chicken tray bake

Whilst easy on the pocket, this may not be the quickest dish to prepare; but it’s filling and tasty.

Stir Fry.

Tasty vegan stir fry

Love a good stir fry but have gone vegan, fear not, this tasty Chinese treat is entirely plant based.

Chicken stir fry.

Tasty chicken stir fry

When inviting friends from your exercise class over, or your cardiac surgeon to dinner, you can’t give them something deep fried or cream based; at the same time you don’t want them to go home hungry or bored. So here’s a tasty chicken stir-fry that you could also feed to your family mid week.

Chicken Casserole.

Tasty chicken casserole

This chicken casserole takes a while to put together, but can be prepared well in advance. As the ingredients include white wine and double cream, it isn’t perhaps something for every day, but we all deserve that little something extra every now and then.

Slow Cooked Creole Chicken

Slow cooked creole chicken

An ideal recipe for a slow cooker – prepare in the morning for a delicious meal, ready for when you get home. If you don’t have a slow cooker you can place all the ingredients into a casserole dish and place in the oven on the lowest heat for 2-4 hours or until cooked.

This meal is a tasty and indulgent treat.

Deb’s boozy chicken with creamy pasta

This time we’ve got a nice easy meal that’s very filling, and doesn’t take long to make. I’ts also versatile, and would go down well during the week with leftovers, or at a dinner party served with asparagus spears and a glass or two!

A word of warning though, this is a very indulgent dish and is high in fats and calories, so it’s a very occasional treat only.

Moroccan Lamb and Carrot Salad.

Moroccan lamb and carrot salad

In Morroco salads are not for vegetarians! A North African favourite, Morrocan lamb and carrot salad makes for a simple fuss free family meal.