Promotional material for churches.


You can download our pre-prepared text to cut and paste into newsletters, Facebook pages, websites, blogs, etc. below. There is also a pre-prepared email should you wish to send this to your supporters. Just click on the appropriate button to download an fully editable Word document. 

Finally we have downloadable posters that you can display on your premises, or invite local business to, encouraging people to support your cause with their subscription. If they do display a poster for you, you can let them know that we can promote their special offers, etc. on for free (click here for more information), so there is something in it for them too. Just download the poster, print it, fill in the name of your church or faith group in the beneficiary box at the bottom, and display.

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Posters can be downloaded and printed as many times as you wish. You can distribute them to local businesses or other locations if you wish without restriction.

We are happy for you to alter the wording of emails and releases as long as it does not fundamentally change the meaning of the information and makes clear that subscriptions are only available from the website.

It is of course up to you how you let your supporters know that they can support your cause with a subscription, and how it benefits your organisation. However we are keen to offer support wherever possible, and should you have any suggestions on further ways that we can do this, these can be sent using our contact form.

You can find out more about Brightideas365 beneficiary programmes here.

* The term ‘church’ is used above in a generic sense to encompass all faith groups.