Offer shares to your customers or visitors for free!Offer free shares to your customers and supporters..WHY NOT OFFER FREE BRIGHTIDEAS365 SHARES TO YOUR CUSTOMERS AS A SALES AND FOOTFALL DRIVER

In order to be as close as possible to the communities we serve, we are offering a share in Bright Ideas 365 Ltd (the company that owns to everyone in the UK over 14 years of age.

These are available free of charge, provided that person promises to do a ‘good deed’, and enters a share code on our website. For more details of the share giveaway click here.

If you run a shop, shopping centre, market hall, library, theatre, or arts centre, or similar location, you can offer your customers a free code and be listed as a location to obtain a share code.

Participation is both free and easy, and may well increase footfall and sales.

All you need do is:

  1. Request posters using this form for a single location or this form for multiple sites.
  2. Print (if downloaded).
  3. Display in store.

Your location(s) will automatically be listed as a place where a share code can be obtained.

Request share giveaway code and pister for a single location. What does being a shareholder mean? Our magazine. Contact us.

Most organisations operating publicly accessible space can take part including:

Charity retailers
Community centres

Commercial retailers
Community shops
Public libraries

Shopping centres
Arts Centres / Theatres
Market Halls

There is a separate scheme available for schools. 

If your school would like to offer shares to students (over 14), a shareholder code can be obtained free of charge or obligation here.

This code can then be used by students to register their share online or by post. Please note school codes can be used by school students only

There are of course, some conditions

  1. Under no circumstances can share codes be charged for.
  2. No conditions can be attached to receiving access to a code (a purchase for example). Charity shops can, however, suggest buying something or donating as a good deed of course.
  3. Share codes must only be available on-site. They must not under any circumstances be offered online, by telephone, or in any external marketing (as this would undermine our policy of  supporting high streets and community locations).
  4. Share code posters must not be displayed on the exterior of premises. Those claiming a share should enter the building during normal opening hours.

No written contract is required, but information may be requested for verification purposes. In order to avoid diluting the effectiveness of our posters as a footfall driver, we will not normally be able to offer a code and poster if there is an existing location nearby. 

If you have any further questions please use our contact form.

Request share giveaway code and pister for a single location. What does being a shareholder mean? Our magazine. Contact us.