Brightideas365 as a staff and customer incentive for your business.

Why not provide your staff or customers with a subscription to Brightideas365. They will get access to our unique mix of discounts, competitions, features, puzzles, what’s on’s, etc. as an incentive, and you will get a significant discount on the usual price (depending on the size of order, this could be up to 50%!). You can either select a company cause to support, or allow your team/customers to choose their own.

For orders over 20 subscriptions we can even provide you with your own pages free of charge.

Alternatively you can offer your employees discounted subscriptions to just by registering for free.

Offering Brightideas365 membership is quick and easy. Company accounts can be ready for your team within 3 working days. With a discount code for discounted sales set up within 48 hours.

Setup just takes 3 easy steps. For company subscriptions…

  1. Fill in online order form (click here for form).
  2. Receive and pay invoice.
  3. Receive your teams free access code to sign in with.

To get discounted subscriptions for staff and customers…

  1. Fill in application form (click here for form).
  2. Receive your teams discount code to sign up with.

Please note, employees and customers must not share accounts. Doing so will deprive good causes of valuable income, and will lead to the immediate suspension of accounts.

Pricing for bulk memberships is as follows (minimum Order 10 subscriptions)…

10-25 = £1.80 per subscription per week.

25-50 = £1.65 per subscription per week.

51-100 = £1.50 per subscription per week.

101-250 = £1.35 per subscription per week.

251-500 = £1.15 per subscription per week.

500+ = £1.00 per subscription per week.

Discounted subscriptions are available to employees at £1.50 per subscription (a minimum of 10 subscribers is required).

Contact us at for more information.

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