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There are a number of ways in which businesses can promote their products on These are completely free of charge. We refer to companies that promote their services on Brightideas365 as ‘Business Partners’. We take the word partner very seriously, and just because promotion on Brightideas365 is free, doesn’t mean we don’t do all we can to make it effective.

Find out at a glance what free promotional services your business is eligible for here.

For even greater impact, companies can sponsor our site (or a section of it). Sponsorship isn’t free of course, but if you’d like more information about it, you can find that here. Everything else listed on this page is free of charge.


We may not be the only website that offers discounts to entice customers, but what makes us different is that we don’t charge a penny (no fees or commission) to promote your deals on our site. This could be a discount, multibuy, free gift, or anything that will benefit would be customers and drive sales for your business.

This service is open to large and small companies. It can be in the form of a code that can be used when purchasing or booking online, or a printed or mobile device voucher (this must be in ‘pdf’ form for printed downloads). Find out how to upload offers here.

lternately, if you display our downloadable poster within some or all of your retail premises (where it can be seen by the public), that branch will automatically be entitled to a free entry into our Local Business Supporters listing which will carry an entry (along with hyperlink) for both your company and the charity your organisation (or that individual branch) wishes to support. Find out how to take part here.

We are always looking for interesting new features at Brightideas365, so we are happy to publish articles about your company, it’s products, it’s founder, etc. 

These can include a ‘Feature supplied by’ credit, a logo, and/or a hyperlink. Again there is no limit to how many can be run. Featured subjects may include:

  • The history of your company or brand.
  • The history of your product.
  • Professional advice and information (including financial and legal).
  • A profile of your founder.
  • A day in the life of a staff member.
  • A charity project you support.

The following are excluded:

  • Advertising of a product or service.
  • Features that may worry, offend, or upset our subscribers.

Editorial content must not be ‘advertising’ copy. It must be factual and not use emotive language, for example a beach can be described as ‘wide and sandy,’ but not ‘sun drenched’, a car may be described as ‘innovative’ (as long as it is), but not ‘handling like a dream’. Content may be edited of rejected where the above is contravened.

A good rule of thumb is to ask what is the reader getting? If you are providing genuine information, advice, or entertainment, then we will happily run your feature. Branding cannot be included in the feature itself, nor can promotional taglines. These can however be included in the ‘Feature supplied by’ message at the foot of the feature, as can a logo and contact details or hyperlink.

We retain the right to reject or edit any feature.

BrightIdea365 donates all profits to good causes, so as a partner or supporter your business will be supporting charities, community groups, and local services (without spending any money!). No dividends are paid to our shareholders, and after running costs (we are entirely independent and self funding) everything goes to the community groups we work with. Find out how to submit a feature here.

Upload an offer. Submit an editorial feature. Download promotional poster. Get your free loacal supporter listing. Terms and conditions for partners.


Simply submit each offer using our online form (here), and subject to approval it will be placed on the site, letting our subscribers know about deals, and we hope generating sales. Acceptance of offers is at the discretion of the promotions manager. There are no charges or commissions to pay at any time.


Submit your company details to us using our Local Business Supporter form and we’ll send a code for your nominated charity, and get your entry added to our Business Supporters list.

Then each branch can simply download and print one of our A4 promotional (these can be found here). Should you require a bespoke version for your company, you can contact us regarding this here.


Simply submit your feature (attaching any pictures) using our online form (here), and as with offers, subject to approval it will be placed on the site. All features must adhere to our editorial rules (you can find them here), and acceptance is at the discretion of the editor. There are no charges or commissions to pay at any time.

All features and offers are manually vetted before being uploaded onto the website. Bright Ideas 365 Ltd reserves the right to verify all offers, and where fraud is suspected, remove the offer and inform the appropriate authorities.

All features and pictures submitted must be the property of, or licensed to those submitting it. They may also be in the public domain. Verification of this may be requested.

Entry in our local supporters list is conditional on one of our posters being displayed in a place that is visible to customers in one or more branches. Should you wish to remove some or all of these posters, then please contact us so that your Local Business Supporter entry can be amended. Bright Ideas 365 Ltd reserves the right to remove any entry where it has reason to believe that posters are not in public view.

Upload an offer. Submit an editorial feature. Download promotional poster. Get your free loacal supporter listing. Terms and conditions for partners.

Terms and conditions can be found here. No written contract is required, but information may be requested for verification purposes.

If you have any further questions you can contact us using our contact form.

Partner support is available.

Monday 11.00am – 5.00pm
Tuesday 11.00am – 5.00pm
Wednesday 11.00am – 9.00pm (late night)
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