Entering our competitions.Please note, this section refers to our magazine prize draws, for information on entering our Brightideas365 ideas competition click here.

We’ve tried to make Brightideas365 competitions as easy as possible to enter and enjoy. We’ve also made sure you stand a decent chance of winning, and some of our prizes are things you can’t buy in the shops.

All Brightideas365 subscribers are entitled to enter Brightideas365 competitions (unfortunately due to current legislation we are unable to make competitions available to the residents of Northern Ireland). Brightideas365 is not available outside the UK at present, but we have big plans so watch this space!

To enter a competition select the one you wish to enter from the Competitions area. As a Brightideas365 subscriber you can enter as many or as few as you like, and every week you can do the same, so for competitions that run for more than one month you can enter again each month and increase your chance of winning.

Once selected click on ENTER HERE, read the details and if happy put in your username and click on ‘Enter’, and that’s it, you’re in.

Finally (and this is very important), cross your fingers and wish hard, and who knows… It could be y… Oh no, hang on, I think somebody’s already used that one!

If you have any queries regarding our competitions then contact us at competitions@brightideas365.com. Full terms and conditions relating to all Brightideas365.com competitions can be found here.