Adding and managing products.

Having set up your stall, it’s time to put some products in it! Here is our step by step guide to adding to and managing the products on sale. Please note that some products are prohibited from sale via, for a full list of these click here.

Add products 1.

Fig 1.

A. Product Introduction

Upon clicking on products, a list of products currently available on your site is shown. To edit one of these double click on it.

To add a new product, move your cursor over Products in the left hand menu, an ‘Add New’ tab will appear. Click on this to add products (Fig 1).

  1. Select the product type and add to the first box. The drop down menu offers 6 options.Product types.
  2. Depending on which or the above you choose, you may be offered delivery channels as tick boxes. Tick as appropriate; a physical item (catalogue), a virtual product, or a download, and tick the box. This tells your stall how deliveries are made.
  3. Add the product name.
  4. Drag and drop a picture into the picture box.
  5. Add the price (and sale price if applicable).
  6. Next, add a short description of the product.
  7. Select a category from the drop down menu (if applicable).
  8. Add tags (keywords), that are likely to come up in a search for your product.
Add products 2.

Fig 2.

B. Detail and Expiry
Now you can describe your product in more detail.

  1. In the next box (Fig 2), add a full description of the product. Various font options are available. We suggest using the default font   (georgia) or arial as these are the easiest to read. Adverts using other fonts may not be accepted. Please avoid using all   capitals in words, as this may lead to it being rejected.
  2. If applicable tick the ‘enable post expiration’ box, and set a date and time of expiry.
  3. The ‘How to expire’ dropdown should be set to delete.

Add products 3.

C. Stock Information
Time to manage your stock.

  1. Selecting ‘Inventory’ from the menu (Fig 3) allows you to manage stock of each product. If it is not ignore the first two options.Stock management options.
  2. Shipping information. By selecting  ‘Shipping’ from the menu you can let customers know how the item is delivered depending on the product type.
  3. Selecting ‘Attributes’ allows, sizes, shapes, detail variations to be required here. You can click from the list of existing ones to edit, or click t ‘Add’ button to add new one.
  4. If you have added further attributes, then you can create variations to your product information here.
  5. Selecting ‘Linked’ allows you to offer alternative products to the purchaser. ‘Up-sells’ allows you to offer a superior product, and ‘Cross-sells’ allows you to offer products that go well with the purchase. It is important that these genuinely are of benefit to the buyer, linking irrelevant or  unsuitable products will damage your reputation and may lead to the suspension of your account.
  6. Click ‘SEO’ to add keywords to your products web page that will increase it’s ranking in search engines. There is also an option to add a meta description to the page. This can take the form of a brief description of the product which will appear in web listings. PLEASE NOTE: Keywords should be included in the title and first paragraph of the product listing. They should be listed separately with a comma between each. It is important to make sure that they are relevant to the product on sale. Irrelevant keywords and meta descriptions may lead to the removal of a product or account.
  7. Clicking ‘Product Policies’ allows you to amend the shipping, refund, and cancellation/return/exchange policies that you set up for your stall, for this specific product.

You can now edit or remove this product listing as desired in this menu at any time, to access it, select the product from your control panel by selecting ‘Products’.